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Hi, I'm Odile, a historical linguist from the Netherlands who also likes to write about music, games, and history. Check out my longer blog posts and other writings on Sub Specie.

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Volksverhalen uit Nederlands Limburg (Onze Volksverhalen)

Volksverhalen uit Nederlands Limburg (Onze Volksverhalen) - Willem de Bl├ęcourt Another quality collection of Dutch folktales, collected in the middle of the 20th century. These are from the province of Limburg, and they contain a pleasant mixture of simple and elaborate stories, some in Limburgian, which is extra nice.

Also a pleasant amount of will-o-the-wisps, werewolves, burning men, and witches. Just as I like it.

The tales are presented as-is, so without polishing or amendment. This makes it excellent material for folklorists and enthuasiasts, but perhaps a bit less interesting if you just want to read a story.