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Hi, I'm Odile, a historical linguist from the Netherlands who also likes to write about music, games, and history. Check out my longer blog posts and other writings on Sub Specie.

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The Occult Philosophy in the Elizabethan Age (Routledge Classics)

The Occult Philosophy in the Elizabethan Age (Routledge Classics) - Frances A. Yates Yates' last book is a great read, touching upon essential points in the philosophy of a great many central figures of the esoteric renaissance. She makes a case for Christian Qabbalah being one of the most important uniting strains of thought in the works of these figures (Giorgi, Pico Della Mirondola, Dee, etc.), and does so convincingly.

At the same time, the works of such authors are linked to the literature and mythology of the Elizabethan age, which adds fascinating parts of art and literary history to this book. Add to that that the book's written in a clear and well-paced style, and you end up with one of the essential works of the history of renaissance philosophy and culture. Highly recommended!