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Himmeltårnet: Roman (Hardcover)

Himmeltårnet: Roman (Hardcover) - Vetle Lid Larssen Himmerltårnet [The Tower to Heaven] is an enjoyable but slightly disappointing novel with a symbolist bent about a young man, Kamante, going in search of love.

At the first, the interest drawing him to the Norwegian countryside village of Aur is purely academic, a study of the state of love in the country at the turn of the millennium. However, once there, he establishes strange relationships with several inhabitants of the village.

Linked strangely together are a close relationship with the dying old woman Klara, a friendship with the quirky man Kinko, and especially Kamante's obsessive crush on the singer Margareta. In the end, all these relationships come to confusing conclusions as the tower that gives the book its name nears completion.

The problem at this point is that Larssen probably wants to make several points about love, culture, and relationships, but most of these get lost in the somewhat vague style and symbolism. Also, the somewhat dry, light style, might not be the best pairing for a symbol-heavy tale that might have benefited more from a bit more poetry.