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Hi, I'm Odile, a historical linguist from the Netherlands who also likes to write about music, games, and history. Check out my longer blog posts and other writings on Sub Specie.

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Making Money (Discworld, #36) - Terry Pratchett Another good read from Pratchett, a man whom I've only come to seriously appreciate when I stopped wanting fantasy to be serious all the time. 'Making Money' managed to've come out at exactly the right time, with the credit crunch just around the bend. Its themes of the monetary system, the importance of trust between banks and its clients, and the precarious positions of bankers as/between power-hungry capitalists, it's all here, and there was hardly at a more relevant time for it.

Not to mention that there's a good bit of fun and memorable characters. Highlights include female golem Gladys, who goes through several adorable phases of not-quite womanhood, rags-to-riches King Harry (who has lost one little finger, but wears gold rings on the others spelling out his name), and the delightfully obsessive Cosmo Lavish.