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Hi, I'm Odile, a historical linguist from the Netherlands who also likes to write about music, games, and history. Check out my longer blog posts and other writings on Sub Specie.

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Signs: an Introduction to Semiotics
Thomas A. Sebeok, Marcel Danesi
Language and Space
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Jingo (A Discworld Novel)

Jingo (Discworld, #21) - Terry Pratchett I think this is the fifth Discworld novel I read, and I liked it quite a bit. Pratchett taps into the realm of political satire (and cultural criticism) with this tale about Commander of the Watch Samuel Vimes who ends up knee deep in the politics surrounding an impending war. Contains some very recognisable and witty portrayals of nationalism, xenophobia, warmongering, intrigue, and above all - you guessed it - Jingoism. Also a timely novel, written in 1997, and thus predating a lot of the 'biceps talk'(to mangle a Dutch expression) of today, though admittedly, the theme is of all times.