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Redwall  - Brian Jacques Redwall was mostly (mildly) disappointing. While the premise of an adventure story with small mammals as the main protagonists is appealing, the execution of the idea leaves me wanting.

On the whole, the adventures of the mice of Redwall and their friends follow well-trodden paths of (fantasy) fiction, down to the different roles the characters have, and the rather black-and-white and superficial pitting of different animal races against each other. The characters aren't that interesting, nor is the plot, which is mostly a string of back-and-forths of guerilla warfare, quests, and siege between Redwall abbey on the one hand, led by the 'chosen' mouse Matthias (legendary warrior reborn!), and the rat army of Cluny the Scourge.

Perhaps this particular ("collector's") edition set expectations too high for me. The sewn hardcover with its lovely colour plates and little black-and-white illustrations is perhaps more than the story deserves.

This might be fun to read to children who are fairly new to whole story thing, and who can't (for whatever reaso) be burdened with the nuancing of war, conflict, and racial relations. If you're older and/or smarter, there are many more better stories out there.